How Can You Draw a Radius About a Thousand Mile Line?

This is pretty disturbing news in many ways.  It’s certianly something to be aware of.  It’s also pretty interesting in the sense that a national “border”, which is by definition a line drawn to separate two countries has a “length”.  Often a very long length,  Up to thousands of miles. Yet a “radius” is a […]

Hungry? Crank Up Your GPS Ap

We write here often about live bus, cab, train and plane tracking applications, many of which will make your life easier. But researching, writing, running a business, going to school, whatever, can make a person hungry.  Too bad GPS tracking can’t do anything about that. Well, maybe it can, maybe GPS fleet tracking can improve […]

Think Amtrak Is Old Fashioned? Think Again

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation.  What’s that?  Oh, yeah, Amtrak.  They don’t run buses, what are they doing here? Well the main reason I am featuring them today is the outstanding tracking system they now offer to the public.  Instead of making information hard to get, or holding back information they may not want to […]

TARTA (Toledo) Goes Modern

TARTA (Toledo Area Rapid Transit Authority’s system has chosen to do things right.  Here’ how a passenger information system for a bus service OUGHT to operate, at least in my view. A very interesting item in the write-up of their “going live” event is the fact that they have been tracking their vehicles with GPS for several […]

Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing

Beware knowing the “Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing” Clay School Board puts brakes on school bus GPS system Read more at FLEMING ISLAND | Saying the nearly $500,000 price tag was too expensive, the Clay County School Board slammed the brakes on a proposal to equip district school buses with a […]