Do You Care About Where Your Children Are?

Where Your Children Are.  A pretty important issue for most parents, I’d say. New High-Tech School Buses Equipped To Be Safe, Connect With Parents Amy Wadas PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some local kids are going to get a big surprise at the bus stop when they go back to school. They’re going to be riding in […]

How Can You Draw a Radius About a Thousand Mile Line?

This is pretty disturbing news in many ways.  It’s certianly something to be aware of.  It’s also pretty interesting in the sense that a national “border”, which is by definition a line drawn to separate two countries has a “length”.  Often a very long length,  Up to thousands of miles. Yet a “radius” is a […]

Hungry? Crank Up Your GPS Ap

We write here often about live bus, cab, train and plane tracking applications, many of which will make your life easier. But researching, writing, running a business, going to school, whatever, can make a person hungry.  Too bad GPS tracking can’t do anything about that. Well, maybe it can, maybe GPS fleet tracking can improve […]

Think Amtrak Is Old Fashioned? Think Again

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation.  What’s that?  Oh, yeah, Amtrak.  They don’t run buses, what are they doing here? Well the main reason I am featuring them today is the outstanding tracking system they now offer to the public.  Instead of making information hard to get, or holding back information they may not want to […]

TARTA (Toledo) Goes Modern

TARTA (Toledo Area Rapid Transit Authority’s system has chosen to do things right.  Here’ how a passenger information system for a bus service OUGHT to operate, at least in my view. A very interesting item in the write-up of their “going live” event is the fact that they have been tracking their vehicles with GPS for several […]